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About The Carnivores Product Line:


Seven years ago, after much research, we decided that raw feeding was the best nutrition we could offer our carnivorous pets. We are very picky about what we feed our English Mastiffs, so we carefully evaluated which raw food would be most beneficial. We found a source for farm fresh ground meat and bones, processed in nature’s perfectly balanced proportions, and began feeding it to our pets. Over the years, as additional raw food choices became available, we continued to research and reevaluate. We have concluded that the food found in Carnivores, which we have fed our boys all these years, is still the “best of the best.” The food is consistently good quality and our boys not only love it, they thrive on it!


The purpose of the Grateful Pet Carnivores line of products is to make available nutritious, quality food that is perfect for our carnivorous kids.


Our dogs and cats are part of our family, which is why Grateful Pet offers only those products we feel confident feeding our own loved ones. Carnivores’ raw pet food consists of human grade¹, antibiotic, steroid, and hormone free meats. All meat-bone products are ground fine unless otherwise stated on the Menu. Our products intentionally do not contain any fillers, such as vegetables, fruits, grains, nuts, or synthetic vitamins, etc. We believe a carnivore should obtain their primary essential nutrients and energy from unprocessed, quality, raw meat, fat, organs, and bone. Our meats are 100% natural; they do not contain any tenderizers, preservatives or artificial flavorings, believed to be a major cause of many allergies in our pets.


¹excluding unbleached green tripe, spleen, lung, bone, trachea and gullet which are not considered meats for human consumption.


Carnivores Whole Prey Diet Philosophy:


Carnivores brand of ground meat and bone products are based on a whole prey philosophy. We believe feeding whole-prey assures a natural balance of living enzymes and nutrients. Other brands of raw pet foods remove the prime cuts of meat from the bone and use just the carcasses in their ground products and/or add fillers such as vegetables, starches, etc. to their ground raw meat and bone products.

A wild carnivore does not set aside the chiose meat and eat only the carcass of its prey, and they do not forage in grain fields or vegetable gardens.


Whole prey reflects the natural eating habits of the carnivore and by design provides optimal nutrition. In general, whole prey is said to be comprised of 80% meat, 10% bone, and 10% organ meat. Our processor verified this theory by weighing-out each of those parts of our various meat species. While the percentages are approximate and cannot be guaranteed because of weight variations in each particular meat species and the grinding process itself, Carnivore’s raw pet products offer the balance nature intended in a convenient ground form. (For more information see “About Calcium to Phosphorus Ratio”)


About our Meat Sources:


Our poultry is sourced from a long-established farm that practices cage free, all natural, farming methods. The other meats in the Carnivores line come from animals that have been raised on small farms in the northeast. These small farms are owned by families who eat the livestock they raise. They strive for a healthy environment for the animals, as close to their natural habitat as possible, including the ability to socialize with each other.

The animals have plenty of room to roam and are provided with proper shelter. They are fed species appropriate food, without the use of hormones, steroids or antibiotics. No chemically sprayed hay or modified grain is fed. When the time comes for the animal to be put down, it is done humanly. These healthy, natural farming techniques ensure a better quality of meat as opposed to mass-production factory farming (See dangers of commercial-factory farming).We are pleased that Carnivores line of products is supporting small American farmers.


Grateful Pet’s processor, who grinds and packages the various meats for our line, is licensed and inspected through the Dept of Agriculture. The facility is governed by FDA pet food processing guidelines and is inspected by the FDA at least once a year. Our processor has been grinding the meats, poultry, and fish we have been feeding our pets for the past seven years.


All of the poultry, beef, lamb, and fish sources used in Grateful Pet products are humane grade and either USDA or State inspected (Smaller processors are inspected (under the same guidance) by the State instead of the USDA). Livestock that have been rejected for human consumption are never used in our products. All of these meats have been passed for human consumption with the exception of unbleached green tripe, spleen, lung, bone, trachea and gullet, which are healthy for only animal consumption.


The chicken, turkey, pheasant, duck, salmon and white fish are all USDA inspected. The birds are housed in a colony setting in a modified green house and are ALL NATURAL.


The beef, beef tripe, mutton, lamb*, and pork come through a State inspected processing plant. The cattle and sheep are grass fed throughout the warmer seasons and their diet is supplement with grass hay, grain, and some corn only during the cold winter months. The goats are also primarily grass fed, happily roaming the 50 acre pastured farm.


The rabbits are fed free choice grass hay and alfalfa rabbit pellets. They are housed in a colony setting in a modified green house. Like the other animals they are also not caged.

* In the off season lamb is sometimes sourced from New Zealand farms and brought through a US State inspected processor.

Carnivores - Superior Dehydrated Treats:


Our treats contain nothing but our 100% natural meat, with the moisture sucked out!

Carnivore’s treats are made from the same all quality farm meats and poultry as our meat products and are dehydrated at the same trusted processor. No flavorings and tenderizers are injected into the meat before they go through the dehydrating process. We know that many dogs and cats are highly sensitive to these artificial ingredients, causing allergy symptoms to appear in some pets. This is why we only feed our dogs the Carnivores brand of dehydrated treats or the other treats Grateful Pet offers that we have determined are pure and simple 100% natural.


Your pets will thank you with good health, more energy, and continued love for providing the very best food and treats!

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