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Shipping Policy

You can trust that your order will be given immediate attention, quickly processed and timely delivered. We ship products anywhere in the United States using the shipping methods listed herein. When you place your order, we will provide estimated delivery dates based upon availability of the products you have selected. The determination of shipping method options is based on your ship-to location and whether you are ordering perishable or non-perishable products as outlined below.

When placing an order for shipment, dry goods and
perishable frozen foods must be ordered separately

Dry Goods and Dehydrated Treats:

If you are ordering both frozen food and dry goods products such as supplements, remedies and pet or personal care items or dehydrated chews (i.e. bully sticks, pig ears, trachea, dehydrated bones, etc.) please place two separate orders:
One order for the dry goods and chews and a separate order for the frozen food products so the shipping rate calculates properly and most cost effectively.

Dehydrated treats can be ordered with dry goods on a separate order and shipped without a cooler and ice or you can include dehydrated treats on your frozen food order and they will ship together in a cooler with your frozen food order.

Shipping cost is based on package size and weight. A flat $1.00 handling fee also applies to all shipped orders and is included in the shipping charge on your invoice.

There is no minimum order requirement for dehydrated treats or dry goods products.

Payment can be made via credit card at the time you place your order on our website, or by check or money order mailed to the address stated below.

Perishable/Frozen Pet Foods:

The United States Postal Service (USPS) method of shipping is for dry good products only. The dehydrated treats can ship separately under separate order or they can be included in the shipment of frozen foods.

The UPS or FedEx shipping method must be selected for perishable-frozen food orders. Frozen food cannot be shipped USPS. We are happy to ship our pet food anywhere in the USA; however, the longest transit time for frozen food products is 3 days. The most cost effective means of shipping frozen food is by ground transit. Your delivery location may not be within a 3 day ground transit time from our Florida warehouse. If your ship-to zip code is not within a 3 day ground transit you will only be given air-transit options to consider.
You can check to see if you are within a 3 day ground transit at these links
UPS ground map and FedEx ground map
You can also check shipping options and rates by setting up an account; add the items you wish to purchase to your shopping cart and then proceed through check out. Here you will see the various shipping options and rates available to you. You can go through the ordering and check out process to see what your shipping options are before confirming your order. You have not placed an order until you click on “Confirm Order” at the end of the check out process.

Perishable frozen foods are shipped each week on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday only to allow transit time, including potential unexpected delays, for your product to reach you before the weekend. The day the order is shipped does not count as a transit day. In other words, if you select a 3 day ground shipment option your order will ship on Monday and you can expect to receive it on Thursday. Only next day or 2 day delivery methods will ship on Tuesdays. Overnight shipments can be made up until Wednesday of each week. All 3 day ground shipments must ship on Monday to assure that even with an unexpected delay your product should arrive to you by Friday.

With a transit time of 2 days or less the product should arrive still frozen. Although ground transit is normally the least expensive shipping method, we CANNOT GUARANTEE the products will arrive thoroughly frozen if you select a 3 day ground shipping option. We pack the cooler tight and add plenty of dry ice and freeze packs, but we are dealing with frozen food and national freight companies so it is impossible to guarantee the product will still be frozen solid. Even if the products have begun to thaw they will be at refrigerated temperature. According to the USDA “it is safe to refreeze previously frozen meat, poultry or fish if it has been handled properly.”

We offer two choices for minimum quantity shipment of frozen food products, either a 28 lbs of food or 48 lbs of food. These weights provide for the best shipping rate and helps assure the food remains frozen. People with small pets combine order requirements with others in their area and distribute the 28 lbs or 48 lbs of food upon arrival. This also helps defer the shipping cost by splitting it among several people.

There is a $10.00 fee for the insulated carton/cooler, the dry ice and the freeze packs (“Frozen Food Shipping Package”). You must purchase the appropriate number of Frozen Food Shipping Packages when you place your order for frozen foods. Purchase Frozen Food Shipping Package.

The shipping weight and cost will be calculated to include the weight of the insulated carton/cooler, the dry ice and the freeze packs. The longer the transit time the more dry ice is required to keep food frozen. Example: A 3 day ground shipment of 48 lbs of frozen food will have a shipping weight of about 64 lbs and your freight cost will be based on this weight. Whereas a 48 lb food order shipping 2 day will weigh about 61 lbs because less dry ice is required for 2 day verses 3 day transit. In addition, FedEx charges a $5.00 dry-ice-on-board fee for all air shipments. UPS charges the same fee with the exception of overnight air shipments. This freight carrier charge is per Shipping Package; however, regardless of the number of Shipping Packages you order requires, your shipping charge will only include one $5.00 dry-ice-on-board fee.

Once your order is placed, you will receive an automatic email confirmation of your order.

Your order will be readied for shipment on the following Monday or Tuesday unless you hear from us via email. You will be notified and provided a tracking number once your order has been shipped.

We do not mark items Out-Of Stock as a general rule because if an item is Out of Stock it is likely the item is on order and inventory is expected shortly. If you order an item that will not be available before the planned ship date, we will communicate with you via email allowing you to decide if you want to hold shipment until the item is in stock. If you do not want to hold your shipment pending the availability of the Out of Stock item, we will remove the Out of Stock item from your Invoice and send you a Revised Order Confirmation with a new Invoice reflecting the actual amount due. If you had paid by credit card when you placed your initial order, the charge will be adjusted to the Revised Order Invoice amount prior to it being charged to your credit card.

If an item happens to be marked Out of Stock please contact us with the item(s) of interest so we can plan purchasing accordingly and notify you when the item is available. Your interest in a temporarily Out of Stock item can also be added as a note when placing your order for available items on our website. We will notify you via email once the item(s) you desire is available, process your order, and arrange for your choice of pick-up, delivery, or shipping.

Payment can be made at the time you place your order on our website via credit card or with a check or money order mailed to:

Grateful Pet, Inc.
1131 7th Avenue, Suite C
Vero Beach, FL. 32960

Applicable sales tax is charged for any orders shipped within the State of Florida.

Orders will not be processed or shipped until payment is received. We will notify you via email within 24 hours of receipt of your payment with an estimated ship date.

Failed Deliveries: It is imperative that you are available to accept your package of perishable frozen food in a timely manner. Shipping cost for a refused or undeliverable shipment is non-refundable. Shipping cost in the event of return of the shipment will also be your responsibility. Payment for shipped perishable products shall be non-refundable and spoiled products shall not be replaced unless you purchase a new order.

Please see FAQ – Shipping Frozen Foods for additional insight. We look forward to working with you to provide your furry family members nutritious raw food and treats and other healthy products.

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