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Veterinarians: Fully Inform Us Before Vaccinating Our Dogs and Cats 

Each petition signature will send an email to the USDA, AVMA, pet insurance companies and state vet boards telling them to stop enabling over-vaccination and end vaccination without informed consent.

"GOOD NEWS, hopefully more to follow..."

One of the Largest Puppy Brokers Shuts Its Doors!

If you feed sweet potato dog treats you need to read this

VERY Bad News for Raw Feeders - the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) is about to vote on a policy against the feeding of raw meat pet food

If you can take the time... The more people that post a comment the better.
Sharon and Mike

Here’s how one raw feeder, Dr. Amy Nesselrodt, a DVM and member of the AVMA expresses her concerns:

“Those of us who feed raw want to feed raw. We do not believe heated food nor High Pressure Pasteurized (HPP) food is the same as raw. We believe (and the evidence e.g. the pet, has shown) that raw, truly raw with enzymes and probiotics, is beneficial to our pets. As a busy professional, I want the freedom to choose commercially available prepared raw food. Truly raw food.

“Those of us who support raw feeding (and have seen the health benefits of doing so) don’t want more regulation of raw, limiting our choices and driving up prices. AVMA’s passing of this resolution would likely cause a chain reaction of FDA creating more regulation. Regulation would drive up commercially prepared raw food prices and make it cost prohibitive.”

Pet food recall from Diamond Pet Foods


Delaware Senator Karen E. Peterson has filed SB 147  "This Bill creates a disciplinary action if a veterinarian gives vaccines in excess of the recommended dosages and/or frequencies." The bill has been assigned to the Senate Agriculture Committee.

What You Can Do To Help:

Contact Senate Agriculture Committee Chair George Bunting (302) 744-4286 and the members below and ask them to vote that SB147 "OUGHT TO PASS."

Joseph W. Booth     (302) 744-4117
Bruce C. Ennis       (302) 744-4310

F. Gary Simpson             (302) 744-4134
Robert L. Venables  (302) 744-4298

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