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We appreciate your testimonial. It helps others that are new to raw feeding better understand the true benefits of a more natural approach to pet care. Email us at

Thank you so much Sharon.  I am so happy to have found you and Grateful Pet.  It  has been a lifesaver for PNut and has opened my eyes to feeding raw whole prey and I am so happy to have my new little guy Prancer on raw as well.  And that you took the time to adjust my order since something I ordered went on sale means the world to me.  You are a class business. Sharon

Captain Nemo’s Story

  At 110 pounds, my White German Shepherd, Nemo is a big guy.  Too big to become an itchy, smelly, bloody mess.  We fed Nemo premium kibble for his first 7 years, and yet now he had developed a food allergy.   After spending almost $1,000 at the vet’s office, six months of recurring yeast infections and several rounds of antibiotics and steroids later, we were still no closer to healing my poor dog.  Lethargic, with very little energy to play, he was just sick.  I felt like I was poisoning him every time I fed him.  I turned to my trusted friend Sharon, who shared her thoughts on how I could help Nemo.  We turned to a raw food diet and a few select supplements, and immediately saw a marked improvement in Nemo’s energy and vigor.  After about 4 months now, Nemo is getting over the yeast problem, he’s energetic and has a sparkle in his eyes that we haven’t seen in a long time.  He’s like a puppy again!  As an added bonus, we also noticed a dramatic reduction in his waste.  Now, instead of spending our time taking medicine that doesn’t work, and scooping poop, we’re off for a walk in the park!

Grateful Pet is helping me “Return the Love”. Thanks Sharon – You’re the best. 


Hi Sharon,

THANKS for all the information.  Really appreciate it.  So glad we learned about the Chlorella not only for the cats but for Spencer & I also.  And as I said to Mike, I am so glad that I learned about you making such quality food available.  It is a real asset to the area.


Sharon and Mike,

Thanks you so much for making such yummy food!

Jackson, Sailor & Scout

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